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Premium hire tours! If you wish to enjoy an all-reserved, relaxed and luxurious trip!
Premium hire tours View

Premium hire tours

Perfect for family one-day trips and entertaining special guests!
Our tour departs with a minimum of one participants.
Overseas tourists can also enjoy our tour with an interpreting service.
There are "Leave it up to the tourism professional” plan, in which an exclusive driver accompanies your trip. Please feel free to ask about these plans.

Flowchart of the actual tour

Sample tours

  • Short plan
  • Middle plan
  • Long plan

Other than the tours mentioned above, there is an abundant selection of courses, including the leisure hot spring plan in Kusatsu and the sightseeing in Hakone plan. An all-original plan according to your budget is also available.

*1. The price is set to 86,400 yen in case of a reserved bus (HIACE). (Maximum of 12 people)
*2. The noted duration and price is only an estimation. Highway and parking fees are not included.
*3. Prices of the plans are calculated by setting the origin and final destination to "Narita Station."
*4. A maximum of 6 people can ride the hire tour.

Flowchart for tour application

  • ① Sign up for a reserved hire tour (Telephone or email)
  • ② Carefully select your destination (There is also a "Leave it up to the professionals" plan)
  • ③ Briefing session for the actual tour course

* For hire tours, the origin or final destination must be in the Hokusou area. Please feel free to inquire about locations other than the selected areas.
[Selected Available Areas] Narita City, Tomisato City, Sakura City, Inzai City, Katori City, Yachimata City, Shiroi City, Shisui Town, Shibayama Town, Tako Town, Tohnosho Town

A stable company celebrating its 30th anniversary since founding
  • Make a reservation here
  • Make a reservation by phone

    Business hours / 10:00 ~ 19:00 (Weekdays only)

Premiun hire Narita Airport transfer service Premiun hire Narita Airport transfer service

A luxurious and relaxed experience awaits you with the premium hire to and from Narita Airport.
We also offer foreign language services using the interpretation service.
Please feel free to use our service for transportation of foreign VIPs and executives.


  • A luxurious and relaxed interior of the vehicles
  • Interpretation servicesInterpretation services

Service rate

Reservations in advance needed for Premium hire service.
Please make reservations one month to one hour in advance.
Toll road fares / parking fees will be charged separately. Furthermore, the use of the "Tokyo Expressway" is set as a premise.

Transportation fees (Approximation)
  • ご予約はコチラから
  • 直接お電話でご予約

    Business hours / 10:00 ~ 19:00 (Weekdays only)


About the boarding place

  • A car will pick you up at the place you specified upon making a reservation.
  • For transfer from the Narita Airport (both tour and pickup service), pick up points are located as shown in the image below.


  • For 1 to 3 passengers, up to 4 large suitcases are allowed to be onboard.
  • For 4 to 5 passengers, up to 2 large suitcases are allowed to be onboard.

    * The number stated above is an indicator.

Number of passengers

A car can accommodate up to 6 passengers. However, a maximum of 5 passengers is recommended to travel comfortably.

Payment manners


An invoice will be e-mailed to you. Please proceed with the payment from the link provided in the e-mail received.


Our bank account
  • ジャパンネット銀行 すずめ支店
  • 普通口座 8652553
  • 東関交通株式会社 トウカンコウツウ(カ
  • Japan Net Bank Suzume Branch (002)
  • Ordinary Account 8652553
  • Tokan Kotsu Co., Ltd.

* Please note that any bank charges will be borne by the customer.


Please pay to the driver directly in cash or on a credit card.

Credit cards accepted(VISA, Master Card, AMERICAN EXPRESS)


* Only lump sum payment is accepted.

For overseas customers
- Procedures from reservation through receiving service -

  • ① The customer makes a reservation by completing a reservation form.
    The customer specifies pick-up time, pick-up place, itineraries, etc. by e-mail, in principle. (Provisional reservation)
  • ② We will send you an invoice by e-mail.
    The reservation will be confirmed after the payment is completed.
  • ③ The customer meets the driver at the pick-up location.
    The driver is waiting at the pick-up location.


  • An invoice to be emailed will be prepared either in Japanese or English.
  • Please call 050-5578-7012 if you fail to find the pick-up point on the day of receiving service.
    (The operator is capable of communicating in simple English.)
  • Please be assured that interpretation services are available once you met the driver.


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必須Telephone number
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Group name
Purpose of use
Services desired
Departure date
Length of days
Itinerary * Please provide detailed information on your itinerary. A quotation is prepared based on such information.
Number of passengers persons
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  1. Budget per person JPY
  1. Requests
Arrangement of accommodation
  1. Region
  1. Hotel name
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